U.S. Metric Association (USMA)

USMA on the Web

The USMA web site contains an enormous amount of information and a large number of valuable links. Click on the USMA logo to view and explore the site.

Link to U.S. Metric Association Web Site


Membership: Application Form

If you are already familiar with the USMA and wish to join, click below to retrieve the application form directly from the USMA site. You can then print it, complete it and mail it to the address provided.

Click here for USMA Application Form  USMA Application Form. Click here or on Get to retrieve it.



The USMA offers two levels of certification CMS (Certified Metrication Specialist) and CAMS (Certified Advanced Metrication Specialist).

To read about these certifications and how you may obtain one or the other, click below to view the CMS program information at the USMA site.

Click here for CMS/CAMS information  CMS/CAMS Information