Metrication Elsewhere

Most countries are wholly metric. Some of them have been that way for many years (about 160 in the case of France). Others (e.g., Australia) metricated more recently and, with minor exceptions, have done so more or less completely.

Two exceptions (other than the United States itself) are Canada and the United Kingdom.

Canadian Flag  Canada

Although Canada has metricated to a very large extent, government failure to follow through on the original plans (e.g., backing down on regulations) has limited progress and, in some cases, allowed a certain amount of regression to old units. What is effectively the Canadian Metric Association Web site resides within the Electrical & Computer Engineering section of the University of Toronto Web site.

Canadian Metric Association

Union Jack (United Kingdom Flag)  United Kingdom

Although the metrication process has been relatively slow in the United Kingdom, it has been given new impetus because of the UK's membership in the European Union.

The UK Metric Association (UKMA) maintains a very informative and up to date web site. To view it, click on the icon below.

View UK Metrication Website


Metric Usage and Metrication in Other Countries

The U.S. Metric Association has a page containing articles, not only about Canada and the United Kingdom, but also about Australia, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, New Zealand and South Africa. To view the page in a new browser tab or window, click on the USMA logo, below.

View selection of articles on metric usage and metrication