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Here are the images of three pages from a book whose title is "Meyers Blitz — Lexikon." It was published, in 1932, by Bibliographisches Institut AG of Leipzig.

The pages are headed, "Münzen, Maße und Gewichte," which, in the customary English word order, means Currency, Weights and Measures. They provide information for nearly seventy countries. Most of the non-metric units described have long since been abandoned. Exceptions include the ifp (inch-foot-pound) units still in widespread use in the United States and, to a much lesser extent, in Britain and Canada.

(Literally, Münzen means coins or coinages, Maße [pronounced mahss'uh] means measures and Gewichte means weights.)

The pages were originally rendered as very large jpeg images and were provided by John P. Schweisthal, who is a discussion participant on the USMA List Server. They have now been converted to black and white GIFs. Load time is very short. The largest one (Page 1) takes under 10 seconds at 50 kbit/s.

Page 1

Abessinien bis Finnland
(Abyssinia [now Ethiopia] to Finland)
(50 292 bytes|octets)

Page 2

Frankreich bis Norwegen
(France to Norway)
(46 185 bytes|octets)

Page 3 
Österreich bis vereinigten Staaten von Amerika
(Austria to USA)
(45 560 bytes|octets)

For translations of the country names, click on Glossary, below. The Glossary will open in a new window, allowing you to see it while viewing each document. (You may need to adjust its size.)


We intend to eventually expand the Glossary to include translations of all the German language terms used in the document.

Higher-Definition Versions of Documents

If you would like to download a ZIP file (351 477 bytes|octets), containing higher-definition versions of all three pages, click on Download, below. To view them (using, for example, Microsoft Photo Editor) after extraction, you might want to resize them to 250% of nominal size. Download time, at 50 kbit/s, should be about one minute.



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