Metrication Consultants

United States Flag USA

California State Flag California
Open WFP Consulting Web Site in a New Window WFP Consulting, run by Bill Potts, CMS*, in Roseville.

Connecticut State Flag Connecticut
View SI Jakub Associates Web Site S I Jakub Associates, run by Stan Jakuba in West Hartford.

To see an article by Stan Jakuba, from the April 2001 issue of Mechanical Engineering, the magazine of the ASME, click here.

North Carolina State Flag North Carolina
View KOK Metric Co. Web Site KOK metricUSA.orgTM, Inc., run by Knut O. Kverneland in Statesville.

South Carolina State Flag South Carolina
View Metric Methods Web Site Metric MethodsSM, run by James R. Frysinger, LCAMS*, in Charleston. 

Washington State Flag Washington
Send an Email to Bob Robinson Bob Robinson, in Seattle. (Link is to email only.) 

Australian Flag Australia

Send an Email to Bob Robinson Metrication Matters, run by Pat Naughtin, LCAMS, in Geelong, Victoria.

  * CMS = Certified Metrication Specialist, LCAMS = Lifetime Certified Advanced Metrication Specialist

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