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How to Search

Just enter the the words for which you want to search and click on the Start Search button. The text search engine will display a weighted list of matching pages and documents, with better matches shown first. Each list item is a link to a matching page or document.

Automatic Context Preservation (an SI Navigator feature)

When you click on a page in the list, it will be automatically placed in its normal context (i.e., as it would appear if selected from the main menu or from a link on another page). Pages that normally appear with an adjacent associated page (in side-by-side or above-below frames) will still do so. Pages that would normally be opened in a new window will not be directly displayed. Instead, the page containing the link to the selected page will appear.

Note: If your browser has JavaScript disabled, Automatic Context Preservation will not always work as described. JavaScript support is required for satisfactory viewing of a very large number of today's web sites. We recommend that you enable it if you have not already done so.



Specifying the Search

The text search engine allows search words to be associated through the use of AND, OR and NOT, and grouped using parentheses. For example:

metric SI

finds pages or documents containing 'metric' or 'SI'

metric or SI
same as above
metric and SI

finds pages or documents containing both 'metric' and 'SI'

metric not ifp

finds pages or documents containing 'metric' but not 'ifp'

(metric not ifp) and regulations

finds pages or documents containing 'regulations', plus 'metric' but not 'ifp'


finds pages or documents containing words starting with 'met' (e.g., meter, metre, metric, metrication, metrology)


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