Books on the Metric System (SI)

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Education, General Guides, Handbooks, Standards
International System of Units (SI): How the world measures almost everything, and the people who made it possible
Edmund Isakov, PhD, CD-ROM, ©2012 Industrial Press <— Click here to view and order
ISBN: 9780831134662

Metric Handbook
David Adler, Hardcover and CD-ROM, January 1999
ISBN: 0750632933

Metric in Minutes: The Comprehensive Resource for Learning the Metric System (SI)
Dennis R. Brownridge, Paperback, March 1994
ISBN: 091204571X

SI Unit Conversion Guide
Michael Laposata, Spiral Bound, 1992
ISBN: 0910133387

Basic Guide to the Metric System
A. L. Le Maraic, John P. Ciaramella, Hardcover, September 1976
ISBN: 0913768065

The Complete Metric System with the International System of Units (SI)
A. L. Le Maraic, John P. Ciaramella, Hardcover, January 1973
ISBN: 0913768006

Metric Encyclopedia
A. L. Le Maraic, John P. Ciaramella, Hardcover, January 1975
ISBN: 0913768030

The Metric System for Elementary Schools: SI
A. L. Le Maraic, John P. Ciaramella, Hardcover, January 1976
ISBN: 091376809X

SI: The International System of Units
Robert A. Nelson, Paperback, August 1982
ISBN: 0917853849

Conversion Factors: SI Units and Many Others
Colin J. Pennycuick, Paperback, April 1988
ISBN: 0226655075

Physical Quantities and the Units of the International System (SI)
Kuzman Ratznjevigc, Hardcover, January 1995
ISBN: 1567000479

Conversion Tables for SI Metrication
Paul Schubert & William Semioli, Hardcover, 1974
ISBN: 0831111046

Metric for Me!: A Layperson's Guide to the Metric System for Everyday Use With Exercises, Problems, and Estimations (With Metric Chart)
Robert W. Shoemaker, Paperback, 1998
Basic Training Guide to the New Metric & SI Units
Robert C. Sellers, Hardcover, 1986
ISBN: 0318158892

Guide for the Use of the International System of Units (SI): The Metric System
Barry N. Taylor, Paperback, November 1995
ISBN: 0788125796

New Metric Handbook: Planning and Design Data
Patricia Tutt (Editor), David Adler (Editor), Paperback, April 1999
ISBN: 0750608536

Metric Units and Conversion Charts: A metrication handbook for engineers, technologists and scientists, Second Edition
Theodore Wildi, IEEE Press (IEEE Order Number PP4044), 1995
ISBN: 0-7803-1050-0

Standard for Use of the International System of Units (SI): The Modern Metric System
IEEE, Paperback, June 1997
ISBN: 1559379014

The International System of Units (SI): The Metric System
Diane Publishing Company, Paperback, June 1992
ISBN: 0941375749

SI Metric Style Manual for Written and Computer Usage
U.S. Metric Association, Paperback
Orderable only from the USMA.

USMA's Guide to the Use of the Metric System [SI Version]
U.S. Metric Association, Paperback, 14th Edition, 1999
Orderable only from the USMA.

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Engineering, etc.
Metric (SI) in Everyday Science and Engineering 
Stan Jakuba, Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc, Softcover, 1993
Energy and Finite Element Methods in Structural Mechanics: SI Units Edition
Irving Herman Shames, Clive L. Dym, Hardcover, January 1991
ISBN: 0891169423

Metric Units in Engineering: Going SI: How to Use the International System of Measurement Units (SI) to Solve Standard Engineering Problems
Cornelius Wandmacher, A. I. Johnson, Trade Paperback, January 1995
: 0784400709 

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Food Preparation
Going Metric in Catering
J. H. Croft, Paperback, January 1969
ISBN: 0080065120

Stillroom Cookery: The Art of Preserving Foods Naturally, with Recipes, Menus and Metric Measures
Grace Firth, Joseph Beggun, Hardcover, March 1977
ISBN: 0914440136

Canadian Mennonite Cookbook: With Recipes in Metric and Imperial Measures
Rita Kaether (Editor), Paperback, February 1995
ISBN: 077375038X

Lets Cook It Metric
Elizabeth Read, Beverly Sheipline (Illustrator), Paperback, March 1975
ISBN: 0960099611

Metric Measurement in Food Preparation and Service
Lynne N. Ross, Paperback, January 1978
ISBN: 0608000841

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SI Units for Clinical Measurement
Edward J. Huth, Donald S. Young, Paperback, January 1998
ISBN: 0943126517

Conversion: A Program for Medical SI Unit Conversion
H. Peter Lehman & Paul G. Catrou, CD-ROM
ISBN: 0685545016

SI Units in Medicine
Herbert Lipper, H. Peter Lehman, Spiral Bound
ISBN: 0806711019

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Miscellaneous (not yet organized)
Aristotelian-Thomistic Philosophy of Measure and the International System of Units (SI): Correlation of International System of Units with the Philosophy of Aristotle and St. Thomas.
Charles B. Crowley, Peter A. Redpath (Editor), Library Binding, July 1996

Thermodynamic Tables: In SI Metric Units
R. W. Haywood, Paperback, January 1990

Aerodynamic Design of Aircraft: In SI Metric Units
Dietrich K Fuchemann, Hardcover, January 1978

Conversion to the SI System of Measurement in Architecture, Engineering and Construction
David Kent Ballast, Hardcover, January 1988

Electrical Power Systems: In SI-Metric Units
A. E. Guile, Paperback and Hardcover, September 1977

Fans: (in SI/Metric Units)
William C. Osborne, Hardcover, January 1977

Introduction to Chemical Metallurgy: In SI-Metric Units
Roger Hill Parker, Hardcover, January 1978

Measurement of Air Flow: In SI-Metric Units
Ernest Ower, R. C. Pankhurst, Hardcover, January 1977

Mineral Processing Technology: An Introduction to the Practical Aspects of Ore Treatment and Mineral Recovery (in SI/Metric Units) 
B. A. Wills, Paperback, January 1981 and January 1985

Plastic Theory of Structures: In SI Metric Units
M. R. Horne, Hardcover, January 1979

Recommended SI and Other Metric Units for the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries, Including Basic Rules of the Oil Companies Materials Association
Institute of Petroleum (Great Britain) Staff, Paperback

SI Metric System of Units and SEG Tentative Metric Standard
Society Of Exploration Geophysicists (Editor), Paperback, June 1981

SI Units for the HVAC/R Professional
Wilbert F. Stoecker, Hardcover, January 1992

SI Units in Radiation Protection and Measurements: Recommendations of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements
National Council on Radiation Protection, Paperback, January 1985

Standard Practice for Use of the International System of Units (SI): The Modernized Metric System
American Society For Testing & Materials, Paperback

Steam and Air Tables in SI Units
Thomas F. Irvine, J. P. Hartnett, Paperback, January 1976

Scientific Unit Conversion: A Practical Guide to Metrication
François Cardarelli, M. J. Shields (Translator), Paperback, January 1997

ASME Orientation & Guide for Use of SI (Metric) Units

Carpentry & Building Construction: SI Metric Edition 
John L. Feirer, Hardcover, 1982

Drainage Details in SI Metric
Leslie Woolley, Paperback, 1991

Fluid Mechanics: Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery: In SI/Metric Units 
S. L. Dixon, Paperback, 1979

IEEE/ASTM SI-10: Standard for Use of the International System of Units: The Modern Metric System
IEEE Standard, Trade Paperback, 1997

Nuclear Energy: In SI Metric Units 
Raymond L. Murray, Hardcover and Paperback, 1980

SI-10 ASME Steam Charts: SI Metric & U. S. Customary Units 
J. H. Potter, Paperback

ASME Steam Tables in SI (Metric) Units for Instructional Use
Paperback, 1977

Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete SI Metric Edition: ACI 318-71

Elementary Heat Transfer Analysis (in SI-Metric Units)
Stephen Whitaker, Paperback, 1985

Reference Handbook for the Proper Usage of the SI-Metric System of Measurement in Science & Engineering
Robert C. Sellers, Hardcover, 1986

Sanitation Details in SI Metric
Spiral Bound, 1977

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