Am I OK? Movie Review (2024)

A Lot or a Little?

What you will—and won't—find in this movie.

  • Positive Messages


    Friendship is important and can change over time as you do. It's important to explore who you are and find yourself -- regardless of age. Have the courage to pursue your dreams. Life doesn't always go to plan, and new beginnings can be scary, but also exciting and rewarding.

  • Positive Role Models


    Lucy is initially stuck in her life, doing the same things and not making any changes or opening herself up to new experiences. Jane is more confident and impulsive, and tries to bring Lucy out of her shell, but sometimes makes assumptions about what Lucy needs. Both value their friendship and are supportive toward each other, though can also be hurtful when things get difficult.

  • Diverse Representations


    The movie centers a woman exploring her sexuality and coming out as a lesbian in her 30s, whereas coming-out movies more often focus on teens. As well as LGBTQ+ representation on-screen, directors Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne are lesbians, and the movie is inspired by the experiences of writer Lauren Pomerantz, who herself came out in her 30s. Stereotypes are used, but poked fun at, such as a straight character saying "I've always wanted to try it" regarding lesbian sex, and a boyfriend appearing impressed and sexualizing the fact that his girlfriend kissed a girl at school. While lead actor Dakota Johnson is White, her best friend is played by Sonoya Mizuno, who has Japanese, Argentine, and English heritage, and Black actor Jermaine Fowler and biracial (Black and White) actor Kiersey Clemons play supporting roles.

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  • Sex, Romance & Nudity


    Kissing and undressing. Implication sex has taken place when two people wake up in bed together -- underwear is seen, and sheets held up to cover breasts. Frequent sexual references -- including oral and anal sex, erections, and masturbation. A person is seen on the toilet (no nudity).

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  • Language

    a lot

    Language includes "f--k," "f---ing," "s--tty," "s--tfaced," "bitch," "bastard," "ass," "crap," and exclamations of "oh my God," "Jesus," and "Christ." Middle finger gesture.

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  • Products & Purchases


    References to brands including Cadbury, 7-Eleven, Volvo, Uber, Gap, and Puma. Stella Artois beer bottle shown and the name mentioned.

  • Drinking, Drugs & Smoking


    Characters drink alcohol at bars and at home, including wine, beer, and co*cktails, and are seen drunk on a few occasions. People smoke pot at home a couple of times.

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  • Parents Need to Know

    Parents need to know that Am I OK? is a heartfelt romcom-style drama about a 32-year old woman, Lucy (Dakota Johnson), who struggles with her sexuality and the impending move of her best friend, Jane (Sonoya Mizuno), to another country. There are frequent sexual references, as well as kissing, undressing, and the implication sex has taken place. Strong language includes "f--k" and "s--t," as well as exclamation of "Jesus" and "Christ." Characters drink alcohol to the point of drunkenness, and smoke pot at home on a couple of occasions. Friendship is an important theme, and Lucy and Jane are warm and likable, and there's positive LGBTQ+ representation in front of and behind the camera. To stay in the loop on more movies like this, you can sign up for weekly Family Movie Night emails.

What's the Story?

In AM I OK?, Lucy (Dakota Johnson) and Jane (Sonoya Mizuno) are best friends living in Los Angeles, doing everything together and knowing pretty much everything about each other. But on a night out, Jane announces a big job move and Lucy reveals a personal secret that signals a lot of change for them both. Can the two navigate their friendship through the upheaval while they try to deal with their own inner and outer chaos?

Talk to Your Kids About ...

  • Families can talk about Am I OK? centering a 30-something woman coming to terms with her sexuality. Have you seen similar coming out stories about people of her age or older in movies or on TV -- how do they compare? Why do you think the focus tends to be on teens exploring their sexuality more often than adults? Why is it important to see this kind of representation as well?

  • Friendship is a central theme in the movie. How was Lucy and Jane's friendship portrayed? How did it change during the film? What do you think makes a good friend and a strong friendship generally?

  • Both the writer and directors of the movie are lesbians. Does that impact how you think about the film -- does it add authenticity to the story? Do you think it's important to have representation behind the camera as well as in front?

  • Discuss the strong language used. Did it seem necessary or excessive? What did it add to the film?

Movie Details

  • On DVD or streaming: June 6, 2024
  • Cast: Dakota Johnson, Sonoya Mizuno, Kiersey Clemons
  • Directors: Stephanie Allynne, Tig Notaro
  • Inclusion Information: Female directors, Female actors, Asian actors, Latino actors, Queer actors, Black actors, Female writers
  • Studio: Max
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Topics: Friendship
  • Run time: 86 minutes
  • MPAA rating: R
  • MPAA explanation: language, sexual references and some drug use
  • Last updated: June 10, 2024

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Am I OK? Movie Review (2024)


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