Christian Horner is mocked on Mumsnet over 'mortifying' messages (2024)

Christian Horner has been mocked by Mumsnet users over 'mortifying' leaked texts he allegedly sent to a junior female employee.

Geri Halliwell's husband was cleared to continue as Red Bull team principal on Wednesday following an internal probe into claims of 'coercive behaviour', which he has always denied.

But just 24 hours later, texts apparently exchanged between him and the complainant were sent from an anonymous email to 149 F1 figures - leading friends to warn that his marriage to the Spice Girl was 'in question for the first time' .

Mumsnet users described the messages as 'sleazy', with one writing that they 'give me the creeps'.

Another described the exchanges as 'humiliating' for Halliwell, adding 'I really feel for her'.

Christian Horner in Bahrain today. The Red Bull team principal has been mocked on Mumsnet over 'mortifying' leaked texts

One of the suggestive text exchanges that are said to involve Horner and have been leaked online

One forum poster suggested the messages raised questions for Red Bull.

'It calls Red Bull's integrity into question,' the mother wrote. 'They did say it was a private matter after the leak, but as this is an employee, I do not think they can get away with going into hiding on it.'

Others were more direct, describing the messages as 'grim' and 'pathetic'.

Horner returned to the paddock in Bahrain today with his future once again in the spotlight after hundreds of WhatsApp messages were plastered all over social media.

Spice Girl Geri Halliwell is seen with husband Horner at the World Premiere of 'The Moonwalkers' last December

As well as putting his marriage under threat, Horner, 50, is also at risk of falling foul of the moral behaviour code set by F1 governing body the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).

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This can be breached if 'any words, deeds, or writings have caused moral injury or loss to the FIA, its bodies, its members, or its executive officers, and more generally on the interest of motorsport and on the values defended by the FIA'.

Sources close the employee have questioned the 'one-side' decision to clear Horner and feel it should be looked at again after the leak of the crude messages her boss allegedly sent her.

Meanwhile, Halliwell flew out to Bahrain last night before the email containing the leaked messages was sent.

The Spice Girl is said to be'having the meltdown to end all meltdowns' over the leaks.

Shortly after the leak yesterday, Horner released a statement which read: 'I will not comment on anonymous speculation, but to reiterate I have always denied the allegations.

Below, we reveal a flavour the messages, which are now being widely circulating on social media -

Suggestive jokes

Many of the texts leaked online take the form of playful exchanges.

One exchange with Horner apparently sending the woman a picture of him in an airport after landing, which he jests about stretching her legs, to which she responds: 'Wow'

A second begins with a 'confession' and reference to flying to Dubai and being 'out of control', followed by a reference to a solo sex act.

Photo requests

Several of the texts said to have been sent by Horner include requests for selfies.

In one he appears to tell the woman a photo of her in nightclothes is 'needed' and makes a request for another pic, followed by a winky face emoji, as the pair are discussing preparations for a trip.

Jokes about underwear

'Horner's' enthusiasm for a certain brand of underwear crops up repeatedly in the leaked WhatsApp chats, in which the woman is said to 'look very attractive'.

Other messages mentioning the figure-hugging womenswear include reference to the brand and a 'tart' followed by a crying with laughter emoji.

Worries about messages

The leaked WhatsApps include several times when 'Horner' asks the woman to delete the texts they have exchanged.

Other times, 'Horner' appears to regret some of his texts.

REVEALED: The little-known clause in Formula One's rules which could land Christian Horner in yet MORE hot water after texts and emails allegedly sent by the Red Bull team principal were leaked

By Tamara Prenn

Christian Horner could yet find himself in breach of an obscure clause in Formula One's International Sporting Code after a tranche of inappropriate texts and photographs - appearing to be between the Red Bull team principal and a female employee - was circulated anonymously on Thursday afternoon.

The FIA's International Sporting Code contains a sub-section of an article which hints at the moral responsibility competitors have to the organisation, and outlines that being in breach of their rules is 'punishable, whether (...) committed intentionally or through negligence'.

Article 12.2.1f states that a competitor could be found in breach of their code for: 'Any words, deeds, or writings that have caused moral injury or loss to the FIA, its bodies, its members, or its executive officers, and more generally on the interest of motorsport and on the values defended by the FIA'.

Horner vowed to fight on within hours of the scandal deepening, and is now preparing for tomorrow's Bahrain GP

Should the FIA wish the launch their own investigation into the alleged texts and photographs, Horner and Red Bull's management of the investigation, or the impact the media storm could be having on how the sport is viewed, whether the email has brought F1 into disrepute could be examined, with potential sanctions handed out.

Some of Horner's peers were initially unsatisfied with the team's parent company's statement upon clearing the team head on Wednesday, which stressed that their KC-led investigation was 'confidential'.

Neither the sport's owners, Liberty Media, or the FIA have seen the 150-page report, and Mercedes team principal was among the first to call for greater transparency over the investigation.

Horner and Geri Halliwell at theLarkhill Royal Artillary Point to Point

Halliwell is said to be 'highly unlikely' to fly out to Bahrain to join her husband. Pictured: Their wedding day in 2015

'I believe with the aspiration as a global sport, on such critical topics, it needs more transparency and I wonder what the sport's position is?' Wolff told reporters.

'We're competitors, we're a team and we can have our own personal opinions or not. But it's more like a general reaction or action that we as a sport need to assess, what is right in that situation and what is wrong.

'Are we talking with the right moral approach, with the values based on the speculation that is out there?'

McLaren CEO Zak Brown echoed his comments as he advocated for the sport's owners and organisers to 'make sure that all the racing teams and the personnel and the drivers and everyone else involved in the sport are operating in a manner which we all live by.'

FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem was one of the recipients of the anonymous email

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff was among the voices in the sport calling for greater transparency over the investigation

In the wake of the circulated email, Horner doubled down on asserting that his 'full focus' was the upcoming race weekend.

'I will not comment on anonymous speculation,' Horner said, 'but to reiterate I have always denied the allegations.

'I respected the integrity of the independent investigation and fully cooperated with it every step of the way.

'It was a thorough and fair investigation, conducted by an independent specialist barrister, and it has concluded dismissing the complaint made.

'I remain fully focused on the start of the season.'

A spokesperson for Red Bull GmbH called the development a 'private matter' in a short statement.

'It is a private matter between Mr Horner and it would be inappropriate for Red Bull to comment on this,' their missive read.

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Christian Horner is mocked on Mumsnet over 'mortifying' messages (2024)


What is in Christian Horner's messages? ›

Horner pesters the woman for photos in some of the messages - and comments on her choice of clothing. In another exchange, the pair have an innocent discussion about a photo for a travel document. At one point the female employee asked her boss how he would feel if Geri were to message someone in the way he was.

Who is Christian Horner's first wife? ›

Horner was in a relationship with Beverley Allen from 1999 to 2013. Horner has a daughter, born in October 2013, with Allen. Horner is a Coventry City F.C. supporter. Horner and Spice Girls member Geri Halliwell announced their engagement on 11 November 2014 and were married on 15 May 2015 in Woburn, Bedfordshire.

Who is the richest team principal in F1? ›

Let's start the list with the richest, and that title goes to the Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff.

How did Geri Halliwell meet Christian Horner? ›

Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell is raising an adorable family with her Red Bull F1 executive husband Christian Horner. The pair met in 2009 at the Monaco Grand Prix but didn't go official until 2014, before tying the knot in 2015.

How rich is Christian Horner? ›

What is Christian Horner's net worth? Christian Horner's net worth is an estimated $50 million (£40m), with his salary also reportedly above $10m (£8m) per year as team principal of Red Bull Racing. His estimated salary makes him the highest-paid F1 team principal.

What does Christian Horner make a year? ›

His expertise and leadership have earned him not only respect but also a substantial income. While Horner's exact annual salary is not publicly disclosed, various sources estimate his earnings to be around $10 million per year.

How old was Christian Horner when he started at Red Bull? ›

His success brought the young team owner to the attention of Red Bull co-founder Dietrich Mateschitz and when the company decided to field its own F1 entry in 2005, it turned to Christian to run Red Bull Racing. In doing so Christian became the sport's youngest Team Principal at just 31 years of age.

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The true power lies with God. Any "delight" that a man enjoys here on earth is achieved only through the grace of God. Moreover, Hrothgar tells Beowulf that earthly success, given by God, must be handled with humility and a sense of sharing or the earthly king will bring on his own doom.

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