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We are at your disposal all day, seven days a week. We react quickly and we offer the shortest possible transport times and decent conditions for storing a body in modern cooling units. Our specially trained team guarantees professional and humanitarian conduct towards the deceased person. We stick to our specially developed model of conduct that is in line with the requirements of the law and ordinances on dealing with deceased persons.

All our cars are suitable for transporting the deceased. Our cooling units undergo systematic internal and external checks. At each stage of proceedings each employee has appropriate competences that enable them to deliver comprehensive information and support to the deceased person’s family.


Our activity is carried out according to the motto “Dignity and Tradition”.

Upon customer request we provide a complete set of funeral services, including the completion of all necessary formalities – also abroad, should the need arise. Our Funeral Company takes account of Polish traditions related to burials. Our offer keeps expanding – through participating in national and international funeral exhibitions and fairs we implement up-to-date global designs and innovative industrial solutions.

There is also a possibility for the relatives of a deceased person to entrust us with representing them before state and church institutions and other entities related to funeral issues. On customer request a cashless and simplified procedure of acquiring funds from ZUS, KRUS, MSWiA and WBE, etc., is available.

Additional services:

  • intermediation in placing obituaries and condolences in press,
  • preparing obituaries and posting them in arranged places,
  • arranging musical setting of funeral ceremonies (music can be played from carriers or by musicians),
  • arranging a photographer and a camcorder.

What is more, we can offer tents, portable chapel decorations and sound systems to be used in various burial places. We also offer a possibility of ordering wreaths, bunches and bouquets. We are open to customer wishes other than the ones mentioned above.

Everything is carried out in line with a principle “the company’s capabilities stretch as far as our customers’ wishes”.

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We offer you a cremation service. Cremation of the body of a deceased person is an alternative to the classic burial, but the funeral can take place in a traditional way. Cremation is available in two versions: in the presence of the family or not. The burial ceremony does not differ from the one present at a traditional burial of a coffin with a body. The ceremony related to the burial of a cremated body can take place at the Farewell Chapel, at a church or a cemetery.

Wishing to follow new trends in burial forms, we respond to your expectations. Therefore, we offer cremation of the body of a deceased person. We complete all formalities related to this process. Before cremation we can organise a farewell of the deceased person at our funeral home. The vast assortment of utensils includes cremation coffins and a broad range of urns.

Our funeral home guarantees reliability and required discipline in performing identification and the entire cremation process.


In accordance with the Polish tradition, funeral is organised according to an etiquette that covers numerous activities related to the preparation of the body, farewell and burial of a deceased person at a cemetery.
You can order:

  • storage of the body in a cooling unit until the funeral, washing and dressing up the deceased person,
  • thanato-cosmetics,
  • preparation of non-standard, custom coffin dimensions,
  • farewell at the funeral home, cremation,
  • selection of a coffin, urn and funeral utensils,
  • comprehensive funeral setting,
  • selection of a burial plot at a cemetery,
  • consolation.

Depending on the deceased person’s family request, an appropriate ceremony and setting is selected. Most funeral ceremonies that we organise are religious, catholic ceremonies with a funeral mass and a procession accompanying the deceased person to a parish church. We also undertake the organisation of state funerals, funerals requiring ceremonial military company, secular funerals and funerals following the principles of other religions.

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Our company has vehicles to transport the bodies of deceased persons. We provide transport services on the entire territory of Poland. If the body of a deceased person remains abroad or requires being transported outside of Poland, we organise both land and air transport, at the same time safeguarding full formal and legal service.

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We are well aware of how delicate the sphere our company operates in is. Therefore, to guarantee calm atmosphere to relatives, we stick to the principle of full transparency with regard to activities performed in relation to the bodies of deceased persons. Family members can check what happens to the body of a close relative at any time. Until the burial the body remains in one of our cooling units. All persons employed there are professionals holding appropriate certificates. Our employees always show respect to the body of a deceased person.

The prosectorium is under constant supervision of the Sanepid (sanitary services) station and other supervisory institutions.

The prosectorium is equipped with all specialist tools and devices required to perform such activity.

It includes cooling and freezing chambers that allow storing the body for a long time. Owing to a specially equipped laboratory, our company can also provide services commissioned by enforcement authorities, insurance companies, hospitals, health care institutions and individuals. The scope of our services includes:

  • storage of the body,
  • autopsy,
  • embalming,
  • post-mortem cosmetics,
  • preparation for burial.

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Funeral services | KOPERSKI (2024)


How do I reply to a memorial service invitation? ›

I would imagine polite, formal and kind wording would be OK. As an example, Dear _______, (I, we) have received your invitation to Elizabeths funeral on the 14th of May. Just to confirm (I, we) will be able to attend. Sending you (our/my) deepest condolences at this sad time.

What happens if no one will pay for a funeral? ›

You don't necessarily need to worry about what happens to your body if you can't afford a funeral. Signing a form at the county coroner can authorize the release of your body to the state or county for burial or cremation. It may be possible to pay a fee to recover your ashes if your family would like them.

What happens if you refuse to pay for your parents' funeral? ›

If you have no relatives to pay, if your relatives cannot pay, or they refuse to pay, a government program (usually through the county or state) will likely take care of your final arrangements. In this case, you might receive an "indigent" burial or cremation which will provide very simple, economical arrangements.

How do you respond to thank you for condolences? ›

Figuring out What to Say

Other short phrases you can say are, “I appreciate it,” or “That's very kind.” If the other person knew the deceased and is grieving too, you can acknowledge that by also responding, “This must be hard for you, too.”

How do you respond to a funeral announcement? ›

There are some very simple ways to say that you understand:
  1. “This must be a difficult time for you”
  2. “I'm sure your heart is aching.”
  3. “My heart goes out to you and your family during this time.”
  4. “I know that words are inadequate at a time like this, but I wanted you to know how very sorry my family is for your loss!”

What is a good response for an invitation? ›

These are my answers:
  • That sounds great. I'd love to come. It's going to be great!
  • Thanks for the invitation. I'm not sure whether I can but I'll check my calendar and let you know.
  • That is so kind of you. Unfortunately, I already have plans, I'll be out of town. I hope it goes well.
Dec 5, 2018

What is the cheapest funeral cost? ›

Direct Cremation: This is the cheapest funeral there is, as with direct cremation; not only is there no service, but grave space is also unnecessary. Instead, the family may collect the ashes of their loved one and take them home.

Is it normal to pay for your own funeral? ›

If you want a funeral, it is your responsibility to finance it. If you have the money, set up a joint account with your most trusted relative or friend for that purpose. If you don't have the funds, you can purchase a life insurance policy for that purpose.

What is the cheapest burial plan? ›

Direct cremation is the least expensive way to bury your loves one. It is done respectfully, and gives your and your family time to find the most personal and affordable burial option.

What happens to a body if you can't afford to cremate? ›

If you cannot afford a burial or cremation, you can sign a form with the county coroner's office and the state will bury or cremate the body for you. This will be at no cost, but you won't have any say in where or how.

Who is financially responsible for funeral expenses? ›

If your loved one has no assets or property, the next of kin will typically cover funeral costs. The next of kin will also handle arrangements. However, no one is legally obligated to pay for funeral expenses unless they sign an agreement.

Should children pay for their parents funeral? ›

Don't leave your children to pick up the burden of having to pay for your funeral. Get as much information as possible on all the pre-payment plans that are out there and get proper advice on your options. Your children shouldn't be left with a debt. They didn't ask to be born, you know.

What to say instead of "I'm sorry for your loss"? ›

Words of sympathy
  • “I'm thinking of you during this difficult time”
  • “You are in my thoughts, and I'm here if you need to talk or hold my hand”
  • “I'm sorry you're going through this”
  • “I was saddened to hear of Michael's passing, and my thoughts are with you and your family.”
  • “I'm sending you my condolences.”

What is the best condolence message short? ›

Short condolence messages

May you be comforted by the outpouring of love surrounding you.” “We hope you know we are by your side during this time of sorrow.” “Sending you strength today and peace in all the days ahead.” “Wishing you peace and comfort in these difficult days.”

Is it okay to say "I'm sorry for your loss"? ›

There is never anything wrong with acknowledging a loss and saying you're sorry. In fact, the two words “I'm sorry” are the beginning of the phrase, “I'm sorry for your loss.” But on their own they say more because they acknowledge the difficulty of managing grief.

What do you say on a memorial invitation? ›

"The family of [Name] wishes to extend an invitation to those who knew and loved her/him to a memorial service on [Date] at [Time], [Venue Address]." "In remembrance of the beautiful life of [Name], we warmly invite you to share in a celebration of his/her journey on [Date] at [Time], [Venue Address]."

How do you say thank you for a memorial service? ›

Thank you for attending…
  1. (I, We) appreciate you attending (loved one's) funeral.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to come to (loved one's) funeral.
  3. It meant a lot to (us, me) to see you at (loved one's) funeral.
  4. Thank you for sharing the celebration of (loved one's) life with (me, us).

How do you thank someone for a funeral invitation? ›

Below are some examples of things to say:
  1. "Thank you for your support and kindness."
  2. "Thank you for attending _____'s funeral. ...
  3. "We appreciate your support during this difficult time in our lives."
  4. "Thank you for your thoughts and prayers."
  5. "We are grateful to have had you there to honour _____'s life."


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