Haktuts | Coin master 50 free spin and coin link (2024)

Haktuts | Coin master 50 free spin and coin link (1)

Do you want haktuts spin and coin link? If you are looking to grab spins and coins link from haktuts page then you are at absolutely at right place.

This is the only page of haktuts website where we share all spin and coin rewards. One can find more than 100 spins at haktuts website. You are just one step away from collecting spin and coin.

Haktuts Spin and coin Link

List of haktuts spin and coin link are updated below:

Haktuts spin link 27-05-2024

Collect 👉🏼 Coin master free spins

All the spin and coin link available on social media are shared at haktuts website. You can also collect the rewards from haktuts page.

What is Haktuts?

Haktuts is a website which share spin and coin link of coin master game. Haktuts collects gifts from official page of coin master like facebook, twitter and instagram.

Haktuts is not the official website of coin master. All the rewards are collected from different sources. We don't claim any legal rights.

How To Play Coin Master Using Haktuts?

The slot machine has to roll inside the coin master game. You need spins to roll the slot machine. When you roll the slot machine, you can get spins, coins, attack, raid or shield.

You should be aware of all these things before you start playing the coin master game.

  • Build Village
  • Spins
  • Coins
  • Attack
  • Raid
  • Cards
  • Pets
  • Shields

Spins and Coins From Haktuts

Now you will think that where will you get spins? You get 5 spins free every hour. Apart from this, you can get daily spins using our website. I will share more ways to collect coin master spins later.

This game requires a spin as well as a coin. You can roll a slot machine and collect coins. you can get more coins using our website. In the following article I will also share with you the way of collecting coins.

You can build a village using a coin. Each village has 5 buildings and each building has 5 parts. You get 1 star on the construction of every part of every building. Every building has to be constructed to move from one village to another. There is 295 village in coin master.


There are three rollers in the slot machine, when the three rollers stop at the sign of attack, you get a chance to take revenge by attacking.

When your slot machine stops coming on the attack sign, then you can choose the person you want to attack. When you attack the village of any user and destroy his village, then you get extra coins.


Attack and Raid are almost the same. The way slot machines used to stop at the sign of attack, you get a chance to attack.

Similarly, if the slot machine stops at the signal of the raid ,then you get a chance to hit the raid.

There is only one difference between Attack and Raid. When the option of attack comes, you can attack any player, but while hitting raid, you do not get a chance to select a player.


There are three types of chests inside the coin master game.

  • Wooden chest
  • Golden chests
  • Magical chests

You get 2 cards in Wooden Chest, 4 cards in Golden Chest and 8 cards in Magic chest. Wooden chests have 2-3 star cards, Golden chests have 2-4 star cards and Magical chests have 2-5 star cards.

Chances of rare golden card are most prevalent in Magic Chest, Golden card is available in Golden Chest. You can buy these three chests by coin.

Apart from this, there are other different chests which unlock further when you complete the village.

List of other chests is below:

  • Mystery Chest
  • Emerald Chest
  • Sapphire Chest
  • Ruby Chest
  • Valentine’s Chest
  • Small Lucky Chest
  • Big Lucky Chest
  • Small Easter Chest
  • Big Easter Chest
  • Tiger Chest
  • Foxy Chests


There is a very important role of cards in the coin master game. To complete a card set, you need 9 cards. Out of these 9 cards, 7 are tradable cards and 2 are golden cards.

You can ask for the cards from your friend, but there is no option to transfer the golden cards. But sometimes a golden card trade event comes, in that event you can take 2 golden card from friends. But even at this golden event, you can't take and give any golden card at your own will.

There are many pages and groups of coin master on Facebook, you can go and trade cards.

When your card set completes, you get coins, spins, xp potions, pet foods and rare cards.


In the coin master game you get 5 shields. Using Shield, you can protect your village from attack.

You can also collect the shield by rolling the slot machine. With One shield you can protect your village once. In the same way, the more shield you have, the more time you will be able to protect your village from attack.

XP Potion

You can upgrade your pet by using a Xp potions. The more your pets are upgraded, the more you will get coin rewards from your pet.

When you complete the village, you get a XP potions. Even after completing the card set, you get a Xp potion. Sometimes, even when playing an event of attack and raid, one gets a XP potion.


There are three pets in the coin master game. You can use these pets in attacks and Raid. Along with attack and raid, you can also use pets to protect your village from attack.

You can activate the Pets by going to the menu. You can activate pets by using pet's food. Once you give pet food, it stays active for up to 4 hours. As long as that pet remains active, it gives you extra coin bonus. The more you upgrade your pets level, the more you will get a coin reward on attack and raid time.

You can upgrade pet using xp potions. When you upgrade the pet, you also get a star according to its level.


When you activate Tiger, Tiger gives you an extra bonus when you attack. You get a extra coin bonus, if your attack destroys the village of your enemy. How much the coin bonus will get depends on your pet level. Any coin bonus received is not deducted from the enemy account. When you upgrade the pet, you also get a star according to its level.


When you activate Foxy, Foxy gives you an extra bonus when you raid. When you hit raid using Foxy, you get a fixed coin bonus based on Foxy level. Whatever coin bonus you get, the same coin gets reduced from the account of the person on whom the raid hit.

Foxy also requires XP Portion to upgrade.


If you want to save your village from Attaker, then Rhino plays the most important role. When Attaker tries to destroy your village and your rhino activates at that time, your village would not suffer any harm. Rhino can protect your village with Attaker attack but cannot protect with Raid. Rhino protects your village for 4 hours after activation.

How To Collect Coin Master Free Spin Link On Haktuts?

The game of Coin Master started in 2016 and we started sharing the spin of Coin Master in 2018. Now Thousand of website shares the spins of Coin Master for free. Some people share Coin Master Free Spin using the mobile application.

I will show you how to collect the spin of the coin master in 10 popular ways.

10 Proven Ways to collect coin master free spins at haktuts in 2022-23.

Collect the Spin of the Coin Master by inviting your friend.

You can collect spins in the coin master by inviting your friend. When you connect your coin master account to Facebook, you get an opportunity to collect spin by inviting it. You invite a friend to play the coin master and that friend joins the coin master game, so you get 40 spins for free.

Free Spin every hour.

Every hour you get 8 spins in the coin master, in this way you can do up to 80 spins for free.

Collect Free Spin Link from Haktuts website.

As many spin links as there are in the coin master game, you will get all the spin links for free on haktuts website. The spin link is updated 4 times a day on our website.

You can get up to 100 spins daily for free. We check all our spin links and put them on our website. You can also get the spins link of the coin master from the social media page.

Whatever spin we put on our website, we collect all the spins from the social media pages of the coin master.

Collect the spin of Coin Master on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your email id.

On the Facebook page, 2 times a day a spin is found, the first spin is found at 2:30 pm and the second spin is found at 9:30 pm.

You'll get a spin on Twitter at 4:30 p.m.

In Instagram, you will get a spin on the Coin Master's Instagram Story.

If you want to collect spin on your email id then you will have to register your email id, after that you will get the spin link on Daily 1:30 pm.

Alternatively, visit our website every hour to grab coin master spin for free at one place.

Play the Event and get the spins.

Every three days a new event comes in the coin master game, in every event you get a chance to win the spin.

Now a days, every event comes with a Viking event, you can win up to 10000 spins in Viking event.

Other Ways to Collect more spins.

  1. You can also collect spin by requesting your friend. You can collect 100 spins in this way.
  2. You can also collect spin by completing the card set.
  3. You can collect spin by looking at the ads, but here you get the option only if your slot machine has less than 5 spins.
  4. You can buy Spins.
Haktuts | Coin master 50 free spin and coin link (2024)


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