Unifon Keyboard Online (2024)

1. Online Keyboard • Multilingual - Lexilogos

  • Old English dictionary · International Phonetic Alphabet · Urdu keyboard · Arabic

  • Online Multilingual Keyboard

2. Unifon Keyboard Help

  • Desktop Keyboard Layout · Phone Keyboard Layout

  • This keyboard is designed for the Unifon aphabet. It is using a custom encoding.

3. Type in your language at BRANAH.COM

  • Type in your language wherever you may be with the best online keyboard on the Internet. In addition, make use of related tools such as image to text ...

  • ‹ í\[Çu~–ÿ‡òD¸ÁÌì…\r={QHŠ+ÒEB»´!†PÓ]3Ýܞ®FU÷ÎH¢a#±%'Cb‹¢IÚ¢(jé¬âD’wB~%¿½D‡ ù9§ªº»z.͋œ·hµ³s¾®óUÕ©S§NwUså[Ï]8½ùÊÅ3ċ{ÁÚ7¿±‚I@Ãîj…5…0êÂ_bþ[鱘ǣB²xµvis½±„åt }5¤=¶ZÛbƒ>®¬‡‡1¡t[Аzu—Úœ ·N4b<üYÀ¶/â„"?ìZ ¶7¡]V¢‘Ž`,,Ad˾ŀ'±¬hràæ8±:91ëIU=ËQ'Iè;Üeª'~°É¶pTíG±ÏC˛ÀDü@Õ¢èDßc‚m30éÑiælj=ßeVWŠ-FÉïÁ3—Äœ’ÈÄñ•Äïa½1'1ۉ±yP;PÕÉ%Ý9ÓvÀ Ñ*qrãô¹s6@C73‰ap%TÈEsÔ,‘àhVk¼ÛŠý÷(»Ð˜œzùäK'Ï6O_8_[›ÎÚYŸµ¥³ …DVy/Ž#ٚí÷ûMíM‡÷*ԕõI0«ŠÉYPíøkvýN'¶øUt±ÉS¡ôÿN6qîmû¬qÛ>á»±·ê²mßa %ÔÁDÐ4¤C¶:_ÇÞ%a»VCn±ƒe¶°›«5EkÄ:ـvƒá=Á:S`´x3 »¯škáþ+³º¨Ñ“ñ@ E˜þóÝ]?lÍ-G8Ja·57Äà¾ËÁˆ€÷ƒ¸×ÛÜìzÌïzqk~nîðP°X£C{~0h}— :R?˂mû­Ÿ`°úØ¿±Á„ßYVÅ¥…µ–N4/£5é±hgÙá­Cǎãϐ¶ÐuÚÚöÑá]øFØßf»¦ÜÜÜ"ý¶³ŒÓp™ÃEok…

4. Virtual Keyboard Online - Type in your language, anywhere!!!

5. Unifon alphabet (beta) Translator - LingoJam

  • unifon alphabet. ... It might not show on chrome. Type these "Showmelatin" (It shows you the latin version of the letters) "Latinasunifon" (Translates letters ...

  • update 1.5: Fixed some words as Ū and U̲ were being switched and Z was being a replacement for Ƶ

6. [PDF] Keyboard Layout Creator - Unifon.org

  • Keyboard Layout Creator - 'US (Custom)". File Edit View Project Help. Show the. Caps Lock. Shift states: Γ shift. Alt+Ctrl. (AltGr). 1. 2. 3 4. LO. 0. 王. Ctrl.

7. Unifon

  • Unifon-K-2005.ttf · Alice in Wonderland · A Child's Garden of Verses · Unifon spelling dictionary ...

  • frum Du bOk, "siNc in Du SadOz": Du strAnj stxrE uv pASuns wurT, bI irviN litvag. kopErIt 1972 bI irviN litvag.


  • The on-line Merriam-Webster dictionary is almost identical to keyboard Unifon. Writing in Unifon is essentially writing the pronunciation guide spelling rather ...

  • Locate the word that matches the picture

9. International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Online Keyboard LEXILOGOS

  • Online keyboard to type the characters and symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

10. Unifon alphabet - Omniglot

  • Omniglot - the online encyclopedia of writing systems & languages ... Information about the Unifon alphabet (includes Unifon fonts) ... http://unifon.org/pages/ ...

  • Details of the Unifon alphabet, an alternative way of writing English based on the principle of one letter per phoneme

11. Unifon Layout proposal - Keyman - SIL Language Software Community

  • 18 aug 2023 · Hello, there's no Unifon keyboard, is this a good layout?

  • Hello, there’s no Unifon keyboard, is this a good layout?

12. Unifon Alphabet Lore Comic Studio - make comics & memes with Unifon ...

  • kedfsydgfsufdvsutfvekvfcdsfdvsferfvdmmfsdvmfudsferkfrkfkdksdfurfbkfhdgsfdsfdbebreuwerbvjfdkvbsvkjsfgjddfbvjdffbvjdfvgfvhglj,bdfs,jvd,hdvsbjdfvdf i was ...

  • ,kedfsydgfsufdvsutfvekvfcdsfdvsferfvdmmfsdvmfudsferkfrkfkdksdfurfbkfhdgsfdsfdbebreuwerbvjfdkvbsvkjsfgjddfbvjdffbvjdfvgfvhglj,bdfs,jvd,hdvsbjdfvdf i was bored

13. Latest Keyman topics - SIL Language Software Community

  • Ojibwe keyboard double vowels, "w" · Keyman · closed. 8, 583, January 4, 2024. Belgian keyboard proposal ... Unifon Layout proposal · Keyman. 5, 815, December 25, ...

  • Keyman makes it easy to create and use keyboard layouts for any language. It has a catalogue of existing keyboard layouts and tools to help you create your own. Help documentation also available at help.keyman.com.

Unifon Keyboard Online (2024)


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